About Us

The "STAN" plant has been on the market for 25 years. It specializes in production of preserved vegetable products like :

- Pickled cucumbers 
- Sauerkraut 
- Cucumber puree 
- Red beetroot cooked 
- Soup - soup with red beet, 
- Soup - sour soup royal 
- Sauerkraut juice "KACUŚ" and 
- Marinated onions

Our products are of the finest quality. They are characterized by excellent taste as they are produced from fresh, carefully selected vegetables that are grown in our own farmlands.

We have got our own silos for 6 000 tons of sauerkraut and 1100 tons of  pickled cucumbers. We have also got a modern plant where confectioning of our products take place, and a processing shop floor.

Our company is still developing by having new technologies introduced, and is incessantly catering for hygiene and the quality of the products. HACCP(Hazard Analysis and  Critical Control Point) and BRC system is introduced in our company.

We co-operate with the biggest supermarket  networks as well as smaller shops, wholesale outlets and plants across Poland.  What is more, our products enjoy popularity abroad.

Our comapny has got its own, well-developed transport base thus delivering all the products directly to the shops, supermarkets and wholesale outlets is always on time.

On the grounds of being in full production and having high quality achievements our company has been awarded a lot of prizes: